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Testimonials from pet owners who have used our wholesale products...

Good day Alex,

Regret the tardiness of this but life kind of swept me up and away this week and I can just now start to catch up on communications.

As I said on the phone, a pack of Gnaw-Dent was included in the supplies accompanying a recent surrender. Supplies of various types being included is a common occurrence and usually, especially if the material is at all questionable or colored in China, the items in question are just disposed of. Although I was unfamiliar with arbutus wood, the appearance of the chips was good and so I did some research which led me to the conclusion that the wood is indeed safe.

So I gave a piece to each of our chins. I have never seen such a uniform favorable response to any wood. Our fuzzbutts are in no way deprived in the wood for chewing department, but they went nuts for your wood chips.

Having only a partial front flap from the package to go on, I was finally able to find your phone number and hence my phone call.

I am very much interested in obtaining 3-4 pounds of the Gnaw-Dent arbutus wood.

Thank you for your courtesy in answering my questions and for inviting this e-mail.

Best regards,

Rick Riedlinger

"I have been using your Animal Lovers oil in my practice for about 6 months. At first I was a bit skeptical to try it as we are always flooded with new products. I had been given a free bottle and decided one day to hand it out to one of my flea bitten Irish Setter clients. The poor dog, no matter what we tried, was being eaten up alive with fleas ... A few months had passed and the owner came in with the dog and I re- marked that I had never seen the dog in such good shape - 'What did you do?' ...He told me that he needed to order more of the oil I gave him ... I decided to to order some of the oil." ~David M. Goodman. D.V.M., Coral Springs, Florida

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to,compliment your Skin & Coat Conditioning Oil.... Since I was first introduced to your product I have prescribed your oil to hundreds of cats and dogs. After 30 days, dry skin has resolved and the ani- mals' coats are smooth and shining again. My clients are pleased with these results and continued to use the oil on their pets. I even use it on my own dog and three cats." ~Rex W. Urich D.V.M., San Mateo, California

"I have used Birdall-2 for several years and am VERY PLEASED with your product! ... I have 80 animals - 21 being birds, from finches to a Calico A4acaw. I use your product daily."
~Jackie Wood, Yucaipa, California

"My 12 year old West Highland Terrier, Duffy, has arthritis in his hip, and prior to my discovering your wonderful prod- uct, he had been treated with cortisone. Since being on 4Dogs 4Seniors, he no longer needs drugs and his mobility is significantly improved. ...I have been praising your products to friends, groomers, etc." ~Marilyn Simon

"We have a large half St. Bernard - half 'we don't know' 2 year old pup of 95 lbs. and he 'oversheds' and has dry skin. The 4Dogs Supplement really made a difference in his dry skin and reduced the shedding. ...We want to stay with a good thing, so I am hoping your company supplies someone in Des Moines." ~Diane Monson, Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Alex and Gerry:

Well we certainly go back along way with your products..I don't know if you remember when I helped you develop the nutritional oil supplement with Taurine some 20 years ago.Wow where does the time go! I have been using your supplements with great results and repeat sales for many many years and still think they are a wonderful and palatable product that improves coats, itching and shedding.

Congrats on you ongoing success.Your intergrity is a rare commodity in this age of get- rich-quick..

Rex Urich DVM
Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital
Bend ,Oregon

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