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About Animal Lovers Wholesale Animal Products - Providing USA-made products for your pets


Animal Lovers LLC was founded in 1982 as a family owned pet store. We strive to provide products that are not readily accessible, and that are produced from natural elements or ingredients. The demand for our products increased and we currently supply many retailers, groomers, and vets - now Animal Lovers products are available to critters everywhere.

In that all pets are not created equal, we develop our products specifically for each pets' individual needs. We endeavor to please both pets and their owners.

Profit has never been a major incentive in our business; you will still find high quality animal products at the lowest possible price at Animal Lovers.

The one thing that the best animal products have in common is that they are made by Animal Lovers.

We extend our sincere gratitude to owners, store managers and staff members for your contributions to our success. We appreciate your business, and value your continued support.

Our products are made in the U.S.A., and are 100% guaranteed.

Animal Lovers - "Our Name Says It All"!

We will be happy to help you by email or phone, email us at Alex@animallovers.com, or call (360) 775-6222.